Sunday, 12 June 2016

Welcome to Capturing Paris

Welcome to Capturing Paris 

Image of Eiffel Tower in the distance at sun set
View toward the Eiffel Tower and dome of the Invalides at sunset from near Place Saint Michel, Paris.  Photo (c) Capturing Paris
Were this a status update on Facebook, I’d disclose to you that my relationship with Paris is ’complicated’.  

I’ve spent my adult life living, working, dreaming, photographing and writing about Venice.  She and I go back a long way.    

I’ve been cold in Venice.   
I’ve been homesick and alone there.  
I’ve celebrated birthdays in Venice in almost every decade that I’ve been alive.  
I’ve overcome some of my greatest professional challenges in Venice.  

I know her language, I’m familiar with her curves and her corners, with her moods and her sometimes frighteningly deserted darkness.  

We’ve been part of each for so long that I feel a little bit like I’m cheating on a long-time love, on an ageing but still beautiful muse.  

I’m literally at the beginning of my love affair with Paris, the part of the story when Paris is so shiny and so new.…and just so pretty.

…But I'm beginning to realise that the heart is expansive and that love can be infinite.  

…So maybe I can fall for Paris and remain faithful to my first beloved.  

Welcome to Capturing Paris.  Thank you for keeping me company as I wander and write.   

A moment of love 
A dream 
A laugh 
A kiss 
A cry 
Our rights 
Our wrongs
A moment of love 
A dream 
A laugh 
A moment of love 
Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap 

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