Sunday, 19 June 2016

A Writer's Paris

This is a book that's almost constantly laid open on my table top. 

Image of book A Writer in Paris by Eric Maisel from Capturing Paris blog
Photo by Capturing Paris.  

Written by psychologist and creativity coach, Eric Maisel, A Writer's Paris is as much a meditation on living life and being alive as it is about coming to Paris to write. And also about not being in Paris to write.

As I type this, it's been about six weeks since I left Paris and I'm only beginning to shake off my post holiday blues.  This is what Maisel says about writing about Paris when one is NOT in Paris:

“…access the Paris already inside of you…There is a Paris-of-the-mind made up of a thousand stories, a million images communicated in books and movies.  It is available to you right now…I have Paris even when I’m not there.  But when I’m there, it’s hard to leave her”.

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